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Tons of Knowledge - Ezren from Pathfinder

Art test/Fan art on Ezren. The original character design id from the master Wayne Reynolds, and all the rights for the character goes to Paizo Publishing. This is not an official art piece, it's been done for the contest "Pathfinder LAB's contest Iconic character Ezren" on DeviantArt groups Pathfinder-art e Fantasy-npc and for my personal portfolio.

I decided to depict Ezren in an unusual moment: not casting or fighting, but studying surrounded by tons of books and scrolls, because knowledge is the powerfull weapon and books are a mage's bestfriends!

Beatrice pelagatti ezren def mr

Tons of Kowledge

Beatrice pelagatti ezren colore dettaglio


Beatrice pelagatti ezren mat firma web


Beatrice pelagatti ezren wip1 fimra

Work in progress 1

Beatrice pelagatti ezren wip5 firma

Work in progress 2